About FunScreen

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FunScreen Story

The original idea for FunScreen came from founder Pip Evans, as she searched for a sunscreen to suit her son Kade’s super-sensitive skin.

Common soaps and sunscreens caused him to break out in painful red welts, and Pip was determined to find a way to keep Kade – and other kids like him – safe in the sun. Her background in pharmaceutical research and biochemistry helped her to confidently work with a sunscreen manufacturer for over a year to develop a specially formulated product.

In Pip’s eyes, it’s the safest mix of ingredients you could hope to find in a UVA & UVB absorber sunscreen. It’s free from as many chemicals as possible, including controversial ingredients such as parabens and nanoparticles. More importantly, it works fabulously – strong but gentle, easily absorbed, non-greasy and water-resistant.

It worked so well, in fact, that Pip teamed up with her brother John to bring the product to life and introduce it to families everywhere. Since then, FunScreen’s sunscreen characters have become heroes for thousands of kids – not just in the sun but in the toy box too!

Available in pharmacies, children stores and holiday hotspots, FunScreen is a sunscreen that kids actually love to use. Being sun-safe has never been so easy or so fun!

“Loving that little hands can use it easily. Easy application and rubs in well.”

- Nicole

FunScreen Mission

What’s our mission?

To connect with kids through creative, playful products that encourage the development of lifelong sun safety habits.

Who do we achieve our mission with?

We build meaningful relationships with community groups, schools, businesses, and individuals that share in FunScreen’s sunny spirit of playfulness. The FunScreen team is growing to include a management team, satellite teams of designers, marketing and sales people, and distributors that are very much part of the FunScreen family.

Why is play so important to our mission?

Our knowledge is transferred to us through our experiences. So when we play, we learn. What better way to create sun-safe habits than to make sunscreen use a playful experience for our children?

What’s next for FunScreen?

Watch this space! We’re hard at work designing our next range of products, and it’s safe to say they’ll be just as much fun as our original range.

“The kiddo hasn’t broken out in her usual sunscreen rash. Here’s to a happy skin summer.”

- Ashleigh

Skin Loves It

Children love our FunScreen sunscreen, but Skin Loves It more!
FunScreen sunscreen is lovingly created for children’s delicate skin. Our sunscreen is free of a bunch of the most reactive chemicals and preservatives commonly found in sunscreen products. This makes them safe for the most sensitive skin and the rest of the family too!

Our Founders


The scientific brains of operation! With a successful career in pharmaceutical research, and a degree in biochemistry. Phillipa oversees the sunscreen formulation composition, ensuring it’s safe enough for all and one that she’s happy to use on her own children.


John puts the FUN in FunScreen! He made the transition from a successful career in investment management to a children’s sunscreen company. John creates a customer focused, fun environment to work within and ensures the FunScreen story gets told in the best possible way.